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Choosing Between Regular and Deep Cleaning: What You Need to Know

When selecting a cleaning service, understanding the distinction between regular cleaning and deep cleaning is crucial. A reputable house cleaning service provides a spectrum of services, making it challenging to decide which suits your needs. The two most common services offered are regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Regular Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is your go-to for routine maintenance. It typically covers your standard weekly cleaning tasks and aims to sustain a consistent level of cleanliness in your home. This service is budget-friendly compared to deep cleaning and is often scheduled at regular intervals, such as bi-weekly or monthly.

Tasks in Regular Cleaning:

  • Sweeping, cleaning, and mopping floors

  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs

  • Wiping surfaces, fixtures, and appliances

  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen areas

  • Removing and preventing bacteria growth

  • Dusting and wiping windows

  • Rubbish removal and bed-making

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Deep Cleaning:

The primary distinction lies in the attention to detail. Deep cleaning goes beyond the standard weekly clean, addressing often neglected and hard-to-reach areas. It involves a thorough rubdown, enhancing overall sanitation and livability. Deep cleaning is typically more expensive and time-consuming than regular cleaning.

Instances Requiring Deep Cleaning:

  • First-time cleaning for new customers (often a standard requirement)

  • Spring cleaning

  • Preparing for an event or party

  • Moving out of a rental (ensures the security deposit return)

  • Selling a property (essential for staging and attracting buyers)

mopping floor and cleaning windows

Choosing Between Regular and Deep Cleaning:

For first-timers, initiating with a deep clean is advisable. Subsequently, you can opt for regular cleanings on a schedule that suits you—weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

To delve deeper into the differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning, consult the experts. Neatwork Cleaning, based in Essex, is a professional cleaning service offering a range of services, including regular and deep cleaning.

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